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this cream soap contains ground pumice and coconut sugar to act as exfoliants. scoop some up in your hand or washing tool and scrub away dead and dry skin. the addition of pumpkin makes this soap especially healthful for your skin. the essential oils have physical and aromatheraputic qualities as well.

Pumpkin: Treatment of Oily Skin, Treatment of Dry Skin, Anti-ageing Benefits, Treatment of Dark Spots, Treatment of Acne.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon Has Powerful Antioxidants, Cinnamon Enhances Your Skin Health, Cinnamon works great in treating acne. The antibacterial properties of the spice help eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Cinnamon also brings blood to the skin surface, causing minor plumping. You can use this to get rid of fine lines.

Nutmeg: Helps Fight Acne, Can Aid Eczema Treatment,

pumpkin spice cream soap

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    toledo, ohio 43606